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Multilingual site

Why do we need , and what is " right" multilingual site ?

A typical situation that requires the creation of a multilingual website - your business has received the successful development of the local market, but you know perfectly well that he soon stops against the current limitations of local markets. So you need to run your business into new regions or countries .

Possible and completely opposite situation - your business is not got to the level of development on the local market, but you know that in other regions , you can give your business a new impetus to the development .

In any case, the geographic expansion of the business - these are additional opportunities for him. But to expand their presence, you need to take care of properly aligned communication with potential customers in new regions.

Therefore, expanding the number of languages ​​the content on the website of your company , you will definitely uchluchshaete potential of its business to attract new customers. But that would fully realize the potential of multilingualism on the website of your company , you need to choose the right type of site and specialist able to realize it.

So what does " right" multilingual site ? I will try to explain ...
Now many webmasters say that they know how to do multi-language sites . But , in most cases , the case ends up wiring the translator Google, Yandex , or otherwise. In addition to the " tongue-tied " machine translation , which immediately catches the eye, you can not post a different content for different languages ​​. This will always be one and the same text as " crooked " translated robot.

In the proposed system, multilingualism me for each language is a separate content that you consider it necessary to place . In addition, for each language, it can be completely different , taking into account the characteristics of the market of a country .

An example of such a site - in front of you .


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